Everyone is probably aware that the Kamloops area is currently a provincial disaster area, with a number of large fires burning in the area.  The following is the current situation:

1. There are no fires in the competition (Savona) area, but the forest is exceptionally dry everywhere.  The Savona area is normally a semi-desert.  At this point it feels like a high desert.

2. All city parks and public green (yellow) spaces in the Kamloops area have been closed because of the risks.  It is possible that the Regional District or the Province will close access to all recreational lands in the area.  There has been no mention of this, but the possibility exists.

3. The landowners of the map areas have not withdrawn permission to use their lands at this time, and in fact they have expressed some confidence in our ability to manage the risks.  This permission could change if conditions worsen.  While the Grasslands north of Kamloops have been closed, access to the Dew Drop area is still open.

4. Given the above, the main events are still "on".

The situation we face is unprecedented in this part of the world and we are watching the situation closely.    At this point we are proceeding as if the events are on, but with some restrictions for the purposes of safety.


Alex Kerr, Event Coordinator