August 16 Ė 24, 2003

The 2003 Canadian Orienteering Championships are returning to the Kamloops area this August, and the Orienteering Association of British Columbia and its clubs, Sage, Greater Vancouver, Victorienteers and Williams Lake would like to invite you to 8 days of orienteering in some of the best terrain in Canada. 



Saturday/Sunday, August 16th/17th   Western Canadian Championships.  To be held at Six Mile Lake near the town of Savona, 30 kms west of Kamloops, and will be signposted from the junction of Highway 1 and the Tunkwa Lake Road.  The map area/terrain can be described as upper grasslands and open ponderosa pine forest with many hills, gullies, rock features and lakes.

Eligibility.  The championships are open to all comers. History of the Western Canadian Championships


Monday, August 18th   High Performance Fund Raiser.  The Showcase.  Dewdrop Range.  The terrain is similar to Six Mile Lake. To get to Dewdrop cross the Overlander Bridge to North Kamloops and follow Tranquille Road past the airport.  National Team members will race over two different short courses (men on a slightly longer one), and betting on their performance will be encouraged!  All other athletes will be able to run the courses afterwards, shadowed by a National Team Member if requested.


Wednesday, August 20th   The West vs the Rest  Relay, Six Mile Lake.   Same location and directions as the  WCOCís. (see below for details)


The rest of the week will be spent on a newly mapped area in the hills above Savona.  Directions will be posted from the junction of the Tunkwa Lake Road and Highway 1 in Savona..


Thursday, August 21st, Model Event for the COCís, Gardens Creek Ranch, Savona.

The model event will be organised by the mapper, Bryan Chubb, and his club, Williams Lake.


Friday, August 22nd  Canadian Short Championships, Gardens Creek North, Savona.  The area encompasses hilly, open grassland and forest with rock and water features.


Saturday/Sunday, August 23rd/24th  Canadian Championships, Gardens Creek Ranch,  Savona.  The same terrain description and directions apply as above.


Eligibility.  Winners of medals at the Canadian and Canadian Short Championships shall be only those who are full members of the COF, and who are:

a)       Canadian citizens or;

b)       Persons with landed immigrant status, who have been resident in Canada for the 12 months immediately preceding the Championships.

Please note your eligibility on the entry form.  We will be asking COF for a list of members prior to the Championships, so please make sure that your Provincial Association is current with sending membership information to COF.



All events will start at 10:00am.  Competitors with children may want split start times, and should so note on the entry form. 



All maps will be 1:10,000 except: HP Fundraiser, and Canadian Championships Courses 7 and 8, which will be at 1:15,000.



Daily entry fees for the Western Canadians, HP Fund Raiser, Canadian Short and Canadian Championships/day:

Entries Before         Senior (20+)            Junior

31/5/03                    $20                          $10

25/7/03                    $25                          $12.50

Relay to 31/5/03      $15                          $10

Relay to 25/7/03      $20                          $12.50

SI Card Rental         $2/day or $10 for the whole event

Model Event             $5/competitor


If you are not a member of a national federation, COF, USOF, BOF etc, please add $5/day for seniors, $2.50/day for juniors to the above fees.


Please note that the deadline for entries is a postmark of July 25th, 2003.  E-mail entries will not be accepted.  Entries will not be official until payment has been received. 


Registration Form



8 courses will be offered at the Western Canadian Championships, Canadian Short Championships, and Canadian Championships with the following class distribution:

Course 1:  M/W 12, M/W Open 1

Course 2:  M/W 13-14, M/W Open 2

Course 3:  M/W 15-16, M/W Open 3

Course 4:  F55-64, F65+, M65+, M/W Open 4

Course 5:  F17-19, F45-54, M55-64, M/W Open 5

Course 6:  M17-19, F35-44, M45-54, M/W Open 6

Course 7:  F20-34, M35-44, M Open 7

Course 8:  M20-34

If there are insufficient entries, some classes may be combined.



Three competitors per team and 3 classes:

      Class A          1-3 pts.

      Class B          4-5

      Class C          6 or more           

The individual point system is as follows:

      14 and under    2 pts.                       

      15-19                1                              

      21-44               0                                 

      45-59                1                                   

      60 and over      2                                   

      Female              1 bonus point


Leg 1 - intermediate, ie Course 3 level, abut 3-4km

Leg 2 - novice, ie course 1 or 2 level, about 2-3km

Leg 3 Ė advanced, ie course 4 to 5, about 4-5km


Where possible, please enter the team and the running order in the entry form.  If you donít have a team, tell us your preferred leg, and we will try and set you up in a team.  We will also accept entries up until Sunday,  August 17th, but please take pity on the organizers, and give as much notice as possible.


There will also be a West vs. Rest Competition. 



This fundraising event for our National Team will allow you to bet on who you think will be the fastest athlete running a short course (women and juniors will be on a shorter course).  You will then have the opportunity to run the same course, and compare your time to our Elite athletes and top juniors.  You can also be shadowed by your favourite athlete on one of the courses and be given pointers. 

Included in your $20 entry fee is a $10 betting voucher, and additional vouchers can be purchased.  The more money you bet, the more you can win!



The SPORTident punching system will be used.  All competitors are required to carry a finger stick. If you own your own, please enter the number in the entry form.  Those competitors that do not own their sticks will be obliged to rent one at a cost of $2.00/day (max. $10) .  For those not familiar with the system, each control has an electronic clock, and when a competitorís finger stick is inserted into the control, the time is uploaded into the stick.  At the end of the race these times are then downloaded into the results computer, which then calculates and prints split times for each leg and an overall elapsed time.  Further details of the operation will be included in the program.



Sage Stomp XVIII short-sleeved T shirts will be available only by pre-order at a cost of $18/shirt.   Sizes offered will be XS, S, M, L, XL.



Savona has very limited accommodation, as you will see below.  However, Kamloops, 30kms to the east on Highway 1 has a wide variety of hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts.

Lake Cottage, Savona  1 250 373-2617.  One room, can sleep 4 C$90/night for 2, $18/night for each additional person

Savona Hotel, 1 250 373-2515, 5 rooms from $41 to $59 (Itís the local pub)

Lakeside Country Inn, Savona, 6 rooms ranging in price from $99 to $159/night.  The higher priced rooms sleep four.  (


Tunkwa Lake Resort (15km south of Savona) 1 250 523-9697.  Several one and two bedroom cabins from $50 to 65/night.  They also have camping and RV sites.  Special deal for groups.



Steelhead Provincial Park, small camp site on the outskirts of Savona

Tunkwa Provincial Park, quite a large site on the side of Tunkwa Lake



Banquets will be held on Saturday evening, August 16th and on Saturday evening, August  23rd at a cost of $20/head for adults, $10 under 12 and free for children under 5.  It is expected that the banquets will be held in Savona, but this will be confirmed in the program.  The hall in Savona is limited to 125 seats, so book early to avoid disappointment.



This yearís Sass Peepre National Junior Training camp will be held immediately prior to Sage Stomp VXIII. Many of last yearís coaches will be back.  We hope all you enthusiastic juniors will come back to renew old friendships, spike more controls and learn new ways to exhaust your coaches.


Start: August 13, 2.00 PM

End: August 16, 9 AM (depart for Day 1 WCOC)

Location: McQueen Lake Environmental Education Center, Kamloops, BC

Facility Website

Camp Managers: Kitty Jones and Maureen de St. Croix

Registrar: Marion Owen

Head Coach: Ted de St. Croix

Registration deadline: July 30, 2003


Pre-registrations can be sent to Marion Owen, 403-282-5098, accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of $50.  Space is limited so book early.  Camp costs will be $175 per person.

Registration forms are available from



Program details, start lists and results will be available in due course on the OABC website



To Gill Bailey at



Event Co-ordinator                  Alex Kerr, GVOC

Meet Director, WCOC              Doug Smith, Sage

Planners, WCOC                     Alan and Frances Vyse

Controller, WCOC                    Leigh Bailey, VICO

Meet Director HPF                   Marie Cat Bruno, GVOC

Relay Meet Director                 Carl Coger, VICO

Relay Planner                          Leigh Bailey, VICO

Model event Meet Dir.              Bryan Chubb, WLOC

COC Short Meet Dir.                George Pugh, GVOC

COC Short Planner                  Alex Kerr, GVOC

COC Short Controller               Adrian Zissos, FWOC

COC Meet Director                  George Pugh, GVOC

COC Planner                            Ted de St Croix, GVOC

COC Controller                        Scott Donald, KOC

Registrar                                 Gill Bailey, VICO