Sage Stomp XVIII Results

Aug. 16,17 Western Canadian Championships 2003 Text Day 1 Split Times (TextHTML)
  Day 2 Split Times (Text, HTML)
Aug. 19 West vs Rest Relay                                Text        Split Times (TextHTML)
Aug. 21 Canadian Short Distance Championships  Text                       Split Times (Text)
Aug. 22,23 Canadian Long Distance Championships Text               Day 1 Split Times (Text)
  Day 2 Split Times (Text)
Aug. 22,23 COC Maps with routes M21 Day 1 M21 Day 2 W21 Day 1 W21 Day 2
  F14 Day 1 M16 Day 1 F64 Day 1 W19 Day 1
  F35 Day 1      

More pictures can be found on GVOC's website
COC Womens elite: Pam James(GHO), Marta Green(GVOC), Katherine Scheck(Yukon) (Louise and John Oram present awards, Nicole Jarvis looks for butterflies) Western champs: Alex Kerr(GVOC), Carl Moore(LVOC-USA), Martin Hocking(VicO)