Present:Murray Foubister, Doug and Diane Smith, Richard Lay, Martin Pardoe, Alan Stradeski, Jack Lee, Bruce Inglis, George Pugh, Andrew Tucker, Alex Kerr and Jackie Slavenova

  1. Agenda:The approval of the Agenda was proposed by Martin Pardoe, seconded by Doug Smith and approved.
  2. Minutes:A motion that the minutes of the 2000 AGM were a true and accurate record was proposed by Doug Smith, seconded by Martin Pardoe.Passed.
  3. Matters Arising:Mark McMillan did not table a 2000 mapping report, but did submit a report for 2001.Scott Donald declined to take over from Marek Dutkiewicz as Editor of Due West, and as Marek no longer wishes to continue we are without an editor.The Power of Sport Tour did take place and orienteering got good exposure.A decision on the location of the 2004 BC Summer Games has been delayed due to the election.
  4. Presidentís Report:Jackie Slavenova submitted a report, which will be attached and distributed to members with the Minutes.Jackie was asked about the effectiveness of Elenora, the new staff assistant, and she felt that she was very helpful to the President in looking after mailing, pursuing sponsors and communicating with the members.However, several members were not aware of her existence, Sage was unable to contact her by e-mail, so we have to publish her correct e-mail address and also give members some idea of the help that she can provide.
  5. COF Update:Due to the short time period since the last AGM, there was nothing new to report.
  6. Finance:Leigh Bailey was unable to attend, but did forward copies of the 2000 accounts.A further report was supposed to be brought to the meeting but got left behind.The staff assistantís salary was $400/month on a six month contract, Jackie was of the impression that three months had been paid at the end of the fiscal year.The 2000 Casino Grant will not have been spent until the end of the BC Championships, but we can apply for a grant for 2001.A motion was made to approve the financial statements as tabled but with reservations to be clarified by Leigh.Proposed by Dough Smith, seconded by Alex Kerr.Passed.The reservations are as follows:
    1. A budget for 2001
    2. A breakdown of the Casino Grant expenditures
    3. An explanation for the $850 revenue and expense items
    4. Where does the Staff Assistantís expense show up?
  7. Mapping:The report submitted by Mark McMillan will be attached to the minutes for circulation.There has been no OABC mapping initiatives in the past two years, with any mapping being done at the club level.The base map for Kelowna is moving ahead.Daphne Tomblin asked for a map to be considered in the Parksfield area.The Mapping Policy is now about 8 years old and should be updated and republished.Mark indicated that he would be happy to stay on as Mapping Chair or replaced as the Board thinks fit.It was suggested that the three Mapping Co-ordinators from the major clubs form a committee with Mark.These would be Diana Hocking (VICO), Jim Helten (GVOC) and Alan Stradeski (SAGE).A motion to accept the Mapping Report was proposed by Martin Pardoe, seconded by Jackie Slavenova.Passed.A motion to form an OABC Mapping Committee was proposed by Murray Foubister, seconded by Martin Pardoe.Passed.
  8. Membership:The number of full members had been updated in the figures submitted by Leigh Bailey from those at the 2000 AGM.It was felt that the recreational members were still lower than they could be, and that GVOC needs to be a bit more diligent in collecting recreational member information at their events.There was a discussion about the inclusion of the BC Elementary Schools Championships competitors in the numbers, and as it is extremely unlikely to get individual addresses, it was felt that the school address would be sufficient, and that the competitor numbers should be included.Both GVOC and VICO were down in 2000 and reports will be obtained from the respective Membership Secretaries as to why.A motion to accept the Membership Report was proposed by Martin Pardoe, seconded by George Pugh.Passed.
  9. BC Summer Games:The 2000 event was very successful and Gail McDonald and her helpers from VICO are to be congratulated and thanked for their efforts.Orienteering will not be participating in 2001, but will be back in the Games at Nanaimo in 2002.George Pugh also mentioned an interest in pursuing the BC Senior Games.
  10. Club Reports:There were no written reports submitted.
    1. GVOC.They had another successful Determinator Series, which had just finished with John Chatwin being the new Champion.There was still some empty slots on the executive that have to be filled.The club, as last year, will be involved in the running of the BC Championships.
    2. VICO.Things at the club are looking up, and they have decided to plan a reduced set of events to concentrate on consistency and on the social aspect of the sport.
    3. After a very busy 2000 and a three day event at this yearís Sage Stomp, the club would like to ease back a bit, and is looking for help from other clubs for next yearís Sage Stomp.Membership is up due in large part to their successful C Meet strategy.When asked what makes their club go, Doug Smith pointed to the use of e-mail to keep in touch, the excellent web site complete with directions to all meets, and always having a separate membership person at all events.
  11. Newsletter:OABC needs a new Editor as Marek Dutkiewicz has decided that he cannot continue.It was suggested that Due West should be put on the OABC web site, which would save mailing costs.When a new issue is available, the Editor should e-mail ďMoversĒ and the Webmasters of the various clubs.These are Darcy Lawhead (SAGE), Ian Barclay (VICO) and Mike Muttersbach (GVOC).
  12. Junior Development:250 children participated in the BC Elementary Championships with good media coverage and RCMP attendance to ensure safety.The way this event is growing it will soon be the largest event to be held in BC, and deserves more attention.We need more volunteers and more involved earlier.Our thanks to Jackie Slavenova and her helpers for an excellent event.A question was asked about junior funding now that the OABC finances are in better shape.The policy on funding is still in place and it is up to the new board to decide what funds are available.A motion to have the new Board review the budget to see if funds for Junior Development was made by Murray Foubister, seconded by Doug Smith.Passed.
  13. Fixture List:Thanks to Martin Pardoe for co-ordinating the 2001 schedule.It was felt that clubs still need to plan ahead a bit better in the future.A commitment to a spring and fall A Meet should be continued, although all the responsibility for such meets need not fall on one club.It is clear that we need to train more Level I and Level II officials, and to help on this it was suggested that the COF A and B Meet Manuals be added to the OABC website.
  14. Election of Officers:
    1. President:Jackie Slavenova resigned, and OABC would like to thank her for all her efforts on the Associationís behalf over the past two years.No one was prepared to stand so the position remains vacant.
    2. Secretary:Alex Kerr.Proposed by Murray Foubister, seconded by George Pugh.Elected
    3. Finance:Leigh Bailey.Proposed by Doug Smith, seconded by Richard Lay.Elected.
    4. Mapping:Mark McMillan.Proposed by Dough Smith, seconded by Alex Kerr.Elected
    5. Vice President:Scott Donald declined to run again.This position remains vacant.
    6. Junior Development:Jackie Slavenova.Proposed by Alex Kerr, seconded by George Pugh.Elected.
    7. Officials and Coaching:Alan Vyse declined to run again.This position remains vacant.
    8. To solve the problem of the vacancies on the Board, Doug Smith suggested that each club of the three major clubs should nominate one member to serve as one ofa triumvirate of President and two Vice Presidents, who would remain on the board until a replacement is found.A motion to that effect was proposed by Doug Smith, seconded by Martin Pardoe.Passed
    9. As the new Staff Assistant is unlikely to continue after the end of her six month contract period, Jackie Slavenova indicated that she would be interested in taking over the position.It was also suggested that the title of Executive Director be used to bring it in line with other provinces.The new Executive Director would be paid a modest salary by OABC, and could then pursue any avenue to enhance that salary.A motion that OABC contract a part time Executive Director was proposed by Doug Smith, seconded by Murray Foubister.Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:13pm.


Our thanks to Alan Stradeski for his hospitality in hosting the AGM at his home.