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Edith Hill "C"  

September 12th,  1999

Short Course


Dianne Smith 41:00
Sandy Eastwood / Jill Benz 72:30
Kevin Eastwood 80:00

Medium Course

Robin Foubister 116:00
Murray Foubister 119:00
Lee & June Emery 166:00
Barz Family incomplete (bear)
Richards Family incomplete
Janet Dabner incomplete

Long Course

Doug Smith 119:00
Alan Vyse 134:00
Randy Benz 171:00
Jennifer Eastwood / Allan S. 176:00
Tim Cole incomplete
Jim Fulton incomplete
Mark & Alan Richards incomplete
Steve Lawhead incomplete
Darcy Lawhead incomplete

Some notes from course setter, Andrew (MacKay) Tucker

     I'd like to thank everyone for their kind and constructive comments. I'd also like to thank Brendan Matthews for his guidance on my first course setting assignment.  I certainly learned from the experience and would encourage anyone who has not set a course to give it a try.
Some lessons learned:
  1)  On a "technical" map like Edith Hill, set shorter courses.
  2)  Pick larger control points that you're sure of rather than detailed points that may be in dispute.
  3)  Don't set controls at dusk - the urge to get back to the car before your daylight disappears may lead to inaccuracy.
  4)  Don't create legs straight uphill or downhill, esp. to control #1 - it makes for unhappy orienteers.
  5)  Don't be a slave to your course plan.  If your control looks good in your living room, it might not look good in the field - feel free to change control locations.
  6)  Take your time and work the map - it's a great learning experience.
  7)  Have fun!
     Finally, I would like to apologize for control #6.   It was out by about 200 metres (see rule #3 above).  I take no responsibility for the bears on the course and hope to see the Barz Family and Darcy at our next event.  
Thanks again,

Andrew (MacKay) Tucker

Edith Hill 4 Hour ROGAINE - Score O

Darcy & Steve I wanted to comment on Sunday's 4 Hour ROGAINE at Edith Hill.  By the time I returned back to the start you both had returned home.  I have done the "sadistic" Edith Hill map about  four times now.  Twice, earlier in my orienteering career, I was hopelessly lost.  Once, when Frances Vyse set the course on the south west corner of the map, I finished.  I have treated the Edith Hill map with respect because of the fight simply to negotiate through all the deadfall and undergrowth.  On Sunday I was determined to finish and have as few people as possible pass by me on the course, this applies to Darcy, Steve, Alan, Allan, Doug and Randy.  I treat my success by the number of people who pass me and during which part of the course.  I am much happier when they pass me at control #8, rather than control #1 as Steve did on Sunday.  But, I was pleased that I located control #1 before Steve after he had passed me, as I had made a poor route choice which I thought at the time may have been faster.  But, my gloating was short lived as he located control #2 faster, again due to poor route choice.  I was up too high.  I didn't see anyone else until Doug jogged by me between #5 & #6.  But, I was elated to see him below me when I spiked #6 and headed out to #7.  After thrashing through the bush, and ready to call it quits, I caught my foot on a snag and fell into the control.   I always think a control is in the right place where ever I find it!  By this time I was tired, short on water, so I decided to head back and try to pick up control #8 on the way.  Needless to say, I couldn't find control #8, so I called it a day and headed back to the start.  My color blindness wasn't a factor but I am saving that excuse for another day.  Also, the day was a success as I never impaled my body on a snag, but I was cut and bleeding from the underbrush.  Are we having fun!?!?

Jim Fulton