Sage Orienteering and Rogaining Club

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McQueen Lake "C" Event

September 17,  1999

Course set by Murray and Robin Foubister

Short Course

Jacqui and Geoffrey Richards 59:30
Dianne Smith, Matt Tregor and Rita Enos 65:50

Medium Course

Andrew Tucker and Nancy Robinson,   Tugger 82:10
Mark and Alan Richards 88:35
Jill Benz and Jennifer Eastwood,   Sage 111:20
June and Lee Emery 131:50

Long Course

Allan Stradeski 58:33
Brendan Matthews 61:00
Darcy and Steve Lawhead,   Niobe & Kayla 64:04
Doug Smith


Randy Benz 112:05
Jim Fulton  (had to leave for a meeting) incomplete