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Six Mile Mini Rogaine (Score O)             June 19, 2005

I hope that everyone had some enjoyable moments out on the Six Mile map on Sunday. The weather certainly was much more suitable for orienteering and rogaining than the previous days! I  apologize for not having water out on course and no refreshments at the finish. I was a little pressed for time in getting the event organized.

The event proved valuable for me in preparation for the upcoming North American Rogaining Championships. It's the first time that I've used the SportIdent Score O software. I did have a couple of minor glitches, both of which were my own fault. The event database and SI unit programming was originally done on my desktop computer. I ensured that the time was sycronized to my watch and my desktop computer. It always pays to have a second set of eyes checking during the SI programming session as well. I didn't. Unit 71 was incorrectly programmed as Unit 67. That was the minor glitch. I completely forgot to sycronize the times when I imported the database into my laptop. When I reprogrammed the Start station for an early start it picked up the incorrect time from the laptop. When I did the start countdown at the beginning of the event the start unit time was a good minute behind my watch time. Quite a few competitors started slightly before 12:00 noon. The software was programmed to allow starts only after 12:00 noon. Both glitches have been corrected in the results. If you see any other corrections needed let me know.

From some of the comments I heard after the event, I wasn't the only one to have a few challenges! Under the pressure of competition, dehydration and hunger, not too mention a hangover, we sometimes make mistakes. Sometimes we end up punching the same control at different times during the same event. Top of of hill. Oh... they were supposed to be two different hills! Valuable learning experience. Did anyone "go off the map"? Look for unusally long split times between controls.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Tony Whittaker and Lyn Stoltze from Perth, Western Australia. All the best in your travels around western Canada. It was good to see some returning orienteers out again. Nathalie was back after a "few" years break. I hope that you and Leslie had some positive moments during your day. Rob and Susan, Jud and Evan, welcome back. 

Dan and Steve get the leniency awards. They we're the only competitors to go over time, but were determined to get as many controls as they could. Dan ran out of time with only 2 controls to go!

Thanks to those who took time to help the newer less experianced people. We welcome your thoughts and comments about how we can keep you interested in orienteering.

Special thanks to Kevin (and Ryan) who helped set the course on Saturday and to Jennifer, Alan, Frances and Ernie for helping pick up controls after the event.

I know I'll see some of you at the Gold Rush Trail, Canadian Orienteering Championships. Others at the 2005 North American Rogaining Championships and hopefuylly the rest at our "C" events in the fall starting with Marie-Cat's "Hamilton Corrals" on September 11, 2005.

Have a great summer!


Six Mile Mini Rogaine Results                 Six Mile Mini SPORTIdent Results w/ splits

   Pl   Stno Name                              Club                    Pts   Time  Pty Xtra  Score 

Short  (7)     180:00 min    0-9 Controls

    1        Lyn Stoltze                       Western Australia       420 1:39:57              420 
    2        Susan Bernhardt                   Sage                    370 2:26:00              370 
    3        Lindsay Eastwood                  Sage                    360 1:34:17              360 
    4        Lisa Tamaki, Vivian Morris        Sage                    330 2:56:08              330 
    5        Rena Rensch, Shawn & Ethan Wenger Sage                    300 1:53:11              300 
    6        Nathalie Jones                    Sage                    180 1:12:00              180 
    7        Leslie Tucker                     Sage                    180 1:12:02              180 

Medium  (14)   180:00 min    10-18 Controls

    1        Jude Dawson                       Sage                    800 2:56:10              800 
    2        Ernie Carson                      Sage                    770 2:54:51              770 
    3        Jud Thompson, Evan Vike           Sage                    760 2:44:27              760 
    4        Peter Gray                        Sage                    730 1:40:21              730 
    5        Jim Fulton                        Sage                    730 2:36:07              730 
    6        Russ Gardner                      Sage                    670 2:45:27              670 
    7        Jennifer Eastwood                 Sage                    660 2:38:38              660 
    8        Frances Vyse                      Sage                    620 2:10:56              620 
    9        Stan Bennett                      Sage                    610 2:43:46              610 
   10        Jennifer Morrison                 Sage                    610 2:43:49              610 
   11        Wendy & Bree Gardner              Sage                    600 2:48:24              600 
   12        Tammy Craig                       Sage                    600 2:48:27              600 
   13        Cheryl Ogloff                     Sage                    590 2:52:33              590 
   14        Steve Clark                       Sage                    480 3:00:40              480 

Long  (13)     180:00 min  1260 Points Available  19-27 Controls

    1        Phil Wallensteen                  Sage                   1260 1:53:13             1260 
    2        Marie-Cat Bruno                   GVOC                   1260 2:24:58             1260 
    3        Ove Albinsson                     GVOC                   1260 2:29:35             1260 
    4        Chris Wenger                      Sage                   1260 2:37:41             1260 
    5        Brendan Matthews                  Sage                   1260 2:47:08             1260 
    6        Dan Kunzelman                     Sage                   1260 3:10:17             1260 
    7        Chris Koch                        Sage                   1220 2:27:15             1220 
    8        Kevin Eastwood                    Sage                   1060 2:54:28             1060 
    9        Alan Vyse                         Sage                   1020 1:56:31             1020 
   10        Randy Benz                        Sage                    960 2:44:25              960 
   11        Rob Bernhardt                     Sage                    860 2:53:39              860 
   12        Tony Whittaker                    Western Australia       820 1:31:37              820 
   13        Chad Olson                        Sage                    820 2:09:33              820