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Edith Hill Results - September 23, 2007

Hi Sage Club Members,

    Today was the last Sage C Meet before the upcoming  Savona Orienteering Weekend, incorporating the Western Canadian Orienteering Championships on Thanksgiving weekend. The courses today were good training for the WCOCs I think. This is because the courses there will be physically challenging with big hills, which is pretty similar to today. I'm pretty sure most people found some big hills out there! Unfortunately, some people didn't find #7 on Course 3. That is because it was not where the map said it was, and I apologize for that. When I designed the courses, I put #7 on a saddle that was just  SE of the saddle that control circle #7 was on today. The actual placing of #7 matched up with where I had intended to place it; unfortunately, when I was drawing the good copy of course 3 with a red pen I accidentally drew the circle for #7 on a parallel feature.
    Twenty people took part in the event today at Edith Hill - 11 from Salmon Arm(!), 4 from Kamloops,  2 from Vernon, 1 from Lac le Jeune, 1 from Rossland and 1 from Kelowna.  Everyone enjoyed some challenging orienteering on a cool, windy, but almost cloudless fall day. I'd like to thank everyone who came out to the event today, especially those who drove in from other cities. If we hadn't had anyone from Salmon Arm today, we only would have had 9 people! Thanks for coming out! Also special thanks to everyone who helped pick up controls and carry things down to the cars.

I hope to see everyone in 2 weeks,

Scott Foubister


Ari Bruns & John Connor 1 58:39 1
Rachel May & Elena Bruns 1 71:38 2

Jonas Sandstrm 2 93:55 1
Lindsay Eastwood 2 119:15 2
Louise & Hermann Bruns 2 126:19 3
Jennifer Eastwood 2 135:28 4
Jude Dawson & Vivian Morris 2 DNF 5
Susan Chartrand 2 DNF 6
Murray Foubister 2 DNF 7

Brian May 3 65:43 1
Allan Stradeski 3 86:08 2
Tim Cole 3 90:41 3
Kevin Matrosovs 3 110:38 4
Abbi May 3 123:13 5
Peter Mair 3 DNF 6
Marie-Cat Bruno 3 DNF 7