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Grasslands Results - September 9, 2007

Results on Excel Spreadsheet

Hi Sage Club members,

Yesterday 31 people came out to the Grasslands map on a hot & sunny day to take part in the second last Sage C meet before the upcoming Thanksgiving Weekend (incorporating the Western Canadian Orienteering Championships  -  Oct. 6-8). Upon arriving, everyone found out that there this event was not going to be like a normal orienteering event - the competitors were going to run without maps! In this "Map Memory" format, people view a small section of map at the start triangle which shows only the route to #1. This map is tied to the control and has to be memorized. At #1, there is a small piece of map showing only the route to #2, and the course continues like this. Competitors can take as long as they wish to view the map before heading out in search of the control. The idea is to spend as little time as possible standing memorizing the map. Of course, if you spend too little time, you can't remember the route and you get lost. This, not surprisingly, happened quite often! 
    Most people tried this format (it was offered on course 2 & 3). It is a lot different from normal orienteering, it was new to everyone, but I think everyone enjoyed it. It is a good training exercise because it forces you to simplify the terrain and it helps you carry this over to your normal orienteering. What you can try to take away from this exercise is the concept of looking at your map fewer times and focussing on bigger, more distinct features. This allows you to increase your running speed because you aren't constantly slowing or stopping to look at your map.
    We also had some first time orienteers out, and they all did well. Congratulations to Trevor Wallensteen for finishing only 6 minutes behind the leader on course 3 - he was using a map, but it was his first time orienteering!

Check out the attached results. I also included the split times, ranks, & a graph for the top 6 finishers on course 3.  (Marie-Cat is adding Holy gees look at that graph Scott produced!!!) 

    I hope everyone who came to this event is planning to come to the final Sage C meet before the WCOCs. It is being held on Sunday, September 23 on the Edith Hill map. See you out there!  - Scott Foubister