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Stake Lake Results - June 17, 2007

Despite the weather not quite fitting the conventional definition of beautiful, 23 people came out to Stake Lake to orienteer today at Sage's last C meet until September. For most of the time it wasn't actually raining; it was just wet enough to turn some of the trails into long, winding puddles! That wasn't too much of a concern though; everyone still went out and had fun orienteering. As a bonus, nobody got permanently lost!

A lot of work was involved in updating the map with the new logging areas, planning and setting the courses, and all the other details of running an orienteering meet. After I saw 23 people come out and have a good time, I knew that it was well worth it. Thanks to everyone for participating and special thanks to Alan, Kevin, and Joan for picking up controls and to Rebecca for helping with the start.

Scott Foubister

COURSE 1 - 2.4 Km Time  
Geoffrey Richards 16:14  
Rachel May 37:32  
COURSE 2 - 3.9 Km Time  
Joan Bernard 66:50  
Cheryl Ogloff 133:54  
Frances Vyse 91:07 Mispunch
Wendy & Russ Gardner 97:03 Mispunch
COURSE 3 - 5.8 Km  Time  
Brian May 49:10  
Chris Wenger 61:38  
Kevin Matrosovs 66:40  
Alan Vyse 70:37  
Abbigail May 72:13  
Mark & Alan Richards 77:47  
Peter Gray 89:48  
Ernie Carson 90:23  
Jude Dawson 105:53  
Steve Clark & Vivian Morris 113:29  
Rick Cameron, Evan Vike, 119:25  
   & Jud Thompson