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Valleyview Results - June 3, 2007

The mercury reached 37 degrees, it was definitely a hot day. Despite the scorching heat, brave orienteers came out to enjoy some technically and physically challenging courses. Having gotten up at crack of dawn to drive from Vernon to set courses, we were relieved to see that some people were still courageous enough to come try out the courses and encourage the organisers. Thanks for those who came.

Also many thanks to Scott Foubister, Chris Koch, Jud Thompson, Evan Vike and Rick Cameron for helping out with picking up controls. Your efforts were greatly appreciated.
Now, the results from Valleyview. I would like to give Ethan Wenger a very special mention for completing the grueling Intermediate course with his mom. He was one tired boy when he finished, but he was still smiling. What a trooper! Congratulations Ethan!

Marie-Cat, Susan & Marta

Course 1
1 Rebecca Andrucson 18:14
Course 2
1 Jud Thompson 75:39
1 Evan Vike 75:39
1 Rick Cameron 75:39
4 Frances Vyse 80:28
5 Murray Foubister 101:05
6 Ethan Wenger 132:07
7 Shawn Wenger 132:07
Course 3
1 Scott Foubister 55:32
2 Kevin Matrosovs 57:47
3 Chris Koch 68:29
4 Peter Gray 80:28
5 Alan Vyse 90:14
6 Mark Richards 99:37