Sage Orienteering and Rogaining Club

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Red Plateau     June 15, 2008

Once again Red Plateau proved to be very challenging, made even more so by

the abundance of deadfall.  Everyone definitely put in a best effort.


Thanks to Peter Gray for co-ordinating.


Last name First name Course TOTAL TIME
Wallensteen Phil long 01:40:18
Koch Chris long DNC
Vyse Alan med 01:15:35
Hagen Barry med 02:08:13
Hagen Thelma med 02:08:14
Van Dyk Sheena med 02:23:24
Thompson Tom med 02:24:24
Thompson Jude med 02:24:42
Olund Gerry med 02:27:57
Wenger Chris med DNC
Morris Vivian med DNC
Dawson Jude med DNC
Wenger Shawn med DNC
Vyse Frances med DNC
Wenger Ethan med DNC