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Six-Mile Lake     June 1, 2008

If you ran fast enough, you made it back before the cold torrential rain!
25 participants braved the cool and wet weather on Sunday. It was a fun and challenging event.


Six Mile Lake Sage Orienteering C Event    
2. Jun. 2008      
First Name Last Name Course Time
Brian May Long 00:47:08
Phil & Trevor Wallensteen Long 01:04:06
Marie-Cat Bruno Long 01:08:18
Abby May Long 01:14:22
Alan Vyse Long 01:26:18
Dan Kunzelman Long 01:30:11
Ernie Carson Long 01:39:57
Diane McKelvey Long DNF
Geoffrey Richard Long DNF
Tom Thomsom Long DNF
Wade Tokarek Long DNF
Mark & Jacquie Richard Medium 01:06:29
Lee Emory Medium 01:11:10
Sheena Van Dyke Medium 01:14:30
Carol Davidson Medium 01:37:29
Peter, Judy, and Ruby Gray, Campbell Medium 01:53:58
Frances Vyse Medium DNF
Ed and Family Forte Short 24:07:00
Rachel May Short 27:02:00
Kaden Hendry Short 40:22:00