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Valleyview     October 5, 2008    

Here are the results for the Sage "C" event held at Valleyview on Sunday Oct 5, 2008. 20 odd participants seem to have a good time on
this fun event...first half of the top two courses was a normal event and the second half was a memory event. Only one small problem...the course setter (whose name we won't mention) somehow slightly misplaced control five on the Long course which gave some competitors a bit of fun....and then, just to spread the fun around, he really misplaced point one on the middle course (only one of the 20 odd competitors found it). When he was interviewed later he swears that a gremlin actually moved the control....and to make matters even more interesting, this same point was to be the last point of the Long Course memory portion...and this caused a real problem for a few lost souls (some haven't even returned yet!!) Anyway we thought about charging extra for the amount of time some were out there...but decided against it in the end. Lot's of fun anyway.

Murray Foubister


SHORT COURSE 1 43:31:00 A Fun Flock of Fultons...Jon, Lauren, Seth and Jim
MIDDLE COURSE 1 54:08:00 Colin Gray
  2 67:58:00 Jude and Vivian (Salmon Arm)
  3 76:49:00 Gail Johnson et al
  4 76:52:00 Rebecca Fuzzen
  5 79:08:00 Wade Tolcarek
  6   Cheryl Ogloff (Salmon Arm)
  7   Sheena van Dyk
  8   Jim Fulton
LONG COURSE 1 31:56:00 Brent Goodman (Sweden)
  2 48:26:00 Kevin Matrosovs (Kelowna)
  3 54:18:00 Alan Vyse
  4 58:16:00 Peter Gray
  5 86:21:00 Ernie Carson