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McQueen Lake

May 9, 2010

30 members and visitors came out to enjoy the sunshine on Sunday. Magnus Johansson from the Greater Vancouver Club made easy work of the long course and was well in front when all the numbers were tallied.

Id like to thank Brendan Matthews for setting challenging courses in beautiful surroundings, and to thank the Nature Conservancy of Canada for allowing us to use their lands.

Many thanks to all of the members who have volunteered to help at Sage Stomp . Brian and Abbi, Peter, Gerry, Lee and June, Murray, Frances, Phil. We have also had help from Magnus and Lehel from GVOC and Leigh from VicO.


Alan Vyse


McQueen Lake C Meet May 9th 2010  
      set by Brendan Matthews    
Long Course     Time  
Magnus Johansson 40.57  
Tim Cole 50.54  
Phil Wallensteen 55.31  
Allan Stradeski 60.43  
Trevor Wallensteen 62.14  
Andrea Balakova 64.48  
Ernie Carson 79.5  
Wade Tokarek 91.14  
Peter Gray 100.49  
Jud Thompson and Evan Vike 140.2  
Kevin Eastwood 71.08 missed 1 control
Jude Corfield and Neil Profili 144.26 missed 3 controls
Jim Fulton 114.14 missed 4 controls
Medium Course    
Alan Vyse 46.52  
Joan Bernard 49.4  
Jennifer Eastwood 51.38  
Murray Foubister 53.5  
Cheryl Ogloff 87.23  
Lee and June Emery 92.1  
Alyssa Manhard  97.32  
Sarah Manhard 97.34  
Frances Vyse 100.16  
Tracy and Brian Mulhern  111.2  
Natalie Manhard 116.5