Stake Lake

June 6, 2010

Course set by Peter Gray.

Sorry everyone, I made a mistake while mapping and all

courses were 1.5x longer than posted.

For instance the medium course at 4.0 was actually 6.0.

Last name First name Course TOTAL TIME
Wallensteen Phil long 01:57:05
May Abigail long 02:14:25
Matthews Brendan long DNF
Kleer Silken long DNF
Gray Judy med DNF
Flatman Kyle med DNF
Flatman Donna med DNF
Hardy Thomas med DNF
Connor John med DNF
Kleer Nelson med DNF
Fulton Jim med DNF
Van Dyk Sheena med DNF
Carter Rae med DNF
Mulhern Tracy med DNF
May Trond short 01:18:01
May Rachel short 01:23:18
Johnson Helen short 01:46:08