Sage Stomp Officials 
Time Table
General Information
Event Centre
Emergency Phone Numbers
Facilities in Savona 
Social Events
Technical and Event Information
SPORTident -  Electronic Punching System
Courses and Classes
Start Procedure for WCOC, COC short and COC
Entries on the Day
Course Changes
Course Closure
Protests and Problems
First Aid
The Showcase
Model Event COC
COC Short





OABC President’s Message    

          The Orienteering Association of B.C. and its member clubs, the Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club, Sage Orienteering Club of Kamloops, Victorienteers and the Williams Lake Orienteering Club would like to welcome all the participants and visitors to the 2003 Sage Stomp.  The unique semi-desert ranching terrain and the dry, warm weather of the area will challenge orienteers, and provide a special holiday experience.  The many lakes and backroads will provide opportunities for exploration, fishing, hiking and relaxation.  We hope you enjoy your Sage Stomp in the Thompson River Valley, and that you will return again for future events.

                                                                   Doug Smith


On behalf of all the volunteers from Greater Vancouver, Sage, Victorienteers and Williams Lake Orienteering Clubs, we would like to welcome you to the 18th edition of Sage Stomp.  Many thanks to you all for making the trip to this beautiful part of the interior of BC, and we can assure you that we have done our best to provide terrain, maps and orienteering courses that will provide you with a memorable experience.  These will be the first major championships that we will be using our newly purchased SPORTident punching system, and we have been working hard to get up to speed on its use.  If there is the odd hiccup, we would appreciate your patience and understanding.  We expect the weather to be warm and sunny, and we have prayed to the weather gods not to have a repeat of the very hot 1999 summer temperatures.  Enjoy running in the ponderosa pine forest and open grasslands, don’t be too distracted by the magnificent views of Kamloops Lake from some of the courses, and may you all have error free runs.

                                                                   Alex Kerr, Event Co-ordinator













Sage Stomp XVIII Officials


Event Co-ordinator                          Alex Kerr                       GVOC

WCOC Meet Director                  Doug Smith                     SAGE

WCOC Planners                           Frances and Alan Vyse   SAGE

WCOC Controller                         Leigh Bailey                     VICO

HP Fundraiser Meet Director          Marie Cat Bruno               GVOC

Relay Meet Director                            Carl Coger                     VICO

Relay Planner                              Leigh Bailey                     VICO

Relay Controller                         Diana Hocking                  VICO

COC Model Event Meet Director          Bryan Chubb                    WLOC

COC Short Meet Director           George Pugh                             GVOC

COC Short Planner                             Alex Kerr                       GVOC

COC Short Controller               Adrian Zissos                     FWOC

COC Meet Director                            George Pugh                             GVOC

COC Planner                              Ted de St Croix              GVOC

COC Controller                         Scott Donald                             KOC

Pre-registration                       Gill Bailey                     VICO 

Program of Events and Timetable


Friday, August 15th            

7:00 – 10:00pm                Registration at Savona Community Centre


Saturday, August 16th Western Canadian Championships, Day 1, Six Mile Lake

8:00 - 11:00am                Registration on site

9:00am                            First Start

2:30pm                            Courses close

3:30pm                            OABC Annual General Meeting, Savona

6:00pm                           Banquet at Savona Community Centre.  Centre will remain open until 10pm


Sunday, August 17th           Western Canadian Championships, Day 2

8:00am – 11:00am                Registration on site

9:00am                            First Start

2:30pm                            Courses close

2:00pm                            Awards

7:00 – 10:00pm                Event Centre Open

10:00pm                          Final Deadline for Relay teams


Monday, August 18th   High Performance Fundraiser – The Showcase, Dewdrop Range

9:00 – 10:00am                Registration on site

10:00am                          First Start

7:00 – 10:00pm                Event Centre Open


Tuesday, August 19th          Rest Day


Wednesday, August 20th          West vs Rest Relay, Six Mile Lake

8:00 – 10:00am                Package pickup on site

10:00am                          Massed Start – Leg 1

1:00pm                            Awards             

7:00 – 10:00pm                Event Centre Open


Thursday, August 21st Canadian Orienteering Championships Model Event, Gardens Creek Ranch, Savona

9:00am – 3:00pm Course Open

7:00 – 10:00pm Event Centre Open


Friday, August 22nd Canadian Short Race Championships, Gardens Creek Ranch North, Savona

8:00 – 11:00am Registration on site

9:00am                           First Start

2:30pm                           Courses Close

7:00 – 10:00pm Event Centre Open


Saturday, August 23rd Canadian Orienteering Championships, Day 1, Gardens Creek Ranch, Savona

8:00 – 11:00am Registration on site

9:00am                           First Start

2:30pm                           Courses Close

6:00pm                           Banquet at Savona Community Centre

8:00pm                           Short Race Awards


Sunday, August 24th Canadian Orienteering Championships, Day 2

8:00 – 11:00pm Registration on site

9:00am                           First Start

2:30pm                           Courses Close

2:00pm                           Awards





Registration will be available at the Event Centre in Savona and at the various meet sites at the times shown in the Timetable.  Registration packages will include:


Any money owing must be paid before you receive your registration package.

Please make sure that your SPORTident finger stick has the same number as shown on your bib.  If not, notify Registration immediately.


Event Centre

The Event Centre is the Savona Community Centre, located at the corner of Savona and Tingley Streets.   From the junction of Highway 1 and the Savona Access Road (at the Super Save Gas Station), turn right if coming from the Kamloops direction, left if from Cache Creek.  Follow it round to the left as far as the General Store, turn right immediately before it (Savona Street), and the centre is on the left after about 100m.  The Centre will be open as shown in the timetable for Registration, to socialize or to view results.  There will be a staffed information desk.



The average temperature range in August in the Kamloops area is 13 – 28C, although it has been known to reach 40 degrees C on occasion. Humidity levels are quite low.  Please ensure that you are properly hydrated.


Emergency Telephone Numbers

For all emergencies dial 911

Police           250 828-3116

Hospital           250 374-5111 (Royal Inland, Columbia Street, Kamloops)

Ambulance          250 374-5947


Facilities in Savona

Food:       Syro’s Restaurant, Highway 1 and the Savona Access Road, next to the Super Save Gas Station

Dave’s Café and the Robins Rest Pub at the Savona Hotel

Dey’s Centre, Convenience and Liquor Store, by the Super Save

Savona General Store and Bakery, Savona Access Road and Savona Street

Gas:       Super Save Gas Station, Savona Access Road and Highway 1

Race Track Gas Station, next to the General Store (no premium).  A good and trustworthy mechanic here as well!

ATM:       Savona General Store

Public Toilets:  At the end of Tingley Street, near the boat ramp

There is a full range of services in Kamloops.


Social Events

WCOC Banquet, Saturday, August 16th.  The banquet will be held at the

Savona Community Centre (see above for directions under Event Centre) at 6pm.  It is being catered by Kathy Desmond, the owner of the Savona General Store, who has an excellent reputation for the quality of her food.  Meat and vegetarian dishes will be provided.

COC Banquet and Short Race Prize Giving, Saturday, August 23rd.  Once again the banquet will be held at the Savona Community Centre at 6pm.  There will be a different but equally delicious menu.




SPORTident - Electronic Punching System

The SPORTident electronic punching system will be used at all competitive events, so all competitors are required to carry a SPORTident finger stick (SI stick) instead of a conventional paper control card.  To avoid losing the stick, place the rubber band between the knuckle and first joint, and, preferably, attach it with string to your wrist.   If a hired SI stick is lost, the competitor will be charged the replacement cost of $40.  Competitors losing their personal SI sticks, can rent one from the organizers for $2/day.

Note that the number on the SI stick is your personal identification number for the various events.  Therefore you must use the SI stick that has been assigned to you.  If your stick number has changed from the one you entered on your entry form, please notify Registration before you run in any event, as runners using the wrong SI card will be disqualified.

The system works by each control having an electronic clock, and when a competitor’s SI stick is inserted into the control, the time is uploaded into the stick.  At the end of the race, these times are then downloaded into the results computer, which then calculates and prints the split times for each leg and the overall elapsed time.


Start Procedure:  As the SI card might contain times from a previous event, they must be deleted prior to the start.  This is achieved by inserting the SI stick into the CLEAR station provided near the Start.  Hold the card in the control for several seconds until the light flashes and the control beeps, which indicates that the SI stick is now clear.  Move forward to a second control marked CHECK, insert the stick, and an immediate light and beep will confirm that the card has been correctly cleared.


On Course:  At each control on your course, the SI stick must be inserted into the control until the light comes on and the unit beeps (usually less than a second).  Some control sites, particularly in the relay, may have multiple units, and it is possible that you may hear a beep from another runner punching in at nearby unit.  So, if someone is punching at the same time as you are, watch for the light to flash.  The unit will also light up and beep if you visit the wrong control, so please take care to check the control number at each control.  If you punch the wrong control, continue to the correct one as the software will ignore the incorrect punch.  In the event of the control malfunctioning (no light, no beep) it is imperative that you punch your map with the pin punch that will be attached to the control, failure to do so could result in disqualification.


At the Finish:  At the Finish line there will be several SI control units.  Insert your SI stick in one, and when the control flashes and beeps your finish time has been recorded and the race is over.  After punching the finish control, follow the tapes immediately to the download station, where your times will be read from your finger stick into the results computer, and you will be given a printout of your split times.  It is very important that you punch at the Download Station since that is the only way we can record your results.  No download – no results.

All competitors must punch at the Download Station whether they finish their course or not – this is our main way of determining which runners are still on the course.   Failure to do so, for reasons other than being lost or injured, can result in considerable unnecessary aggravation for the Meet Officials.


Results:  In due course, results and split times will be published on the OABC website,


Course and Classes

For the WCOC’s, COC Short and COC’s, the courses and classes are as follows:

Course 1:          M/W 12, M/W Open 1

Course 2:          M/W 13-14, M/W Open 2

Course 3:          M/W 15-16, M/W Open 3

Course 4:          W55-64, W65+, M65+, M/W Open 4

Course 5:          W17-19, W45-54, M55-64, M/W Open 5

Course 6:          M17-19, W35-44, M45-54, M/W Open 6

Course 7:          W20-34, M35-44, M Open 7

Course 8:          M20-34


Start Procedures for WCOC, COC Short and COC

Control description lists will be available in the pre start area, and will also be printed on the maps, which will be in plastic, sealed bags.

You must wear the correct bib number.

On the way to the Start, competitors will be required to do a CLEAR and CHECK, and then will be called up at 3 minutes before their start time, and there will be a further CHECK control at the first call up line.  There will be three lines, -2, -1 and Start.  During the last minute before their start, competitors will be asked to write their name or bib number on the back of their maps.  At the start signal, competitors can pick up their maps, and in some cases follow a taped route to the start triangle.  At the COC Short Race, the start line and the start triangle are at the same spot.  The start triangle will be identified by a control flag on a similar stand to the other controls, but you will not be required to punch there.


Late Starters will be directed to the late start lane, and, after having their time and finger stick number checked, will be started by a Start Official.  Their time will be calculated from their original start time.  DON’T BE LATE!


Entries on the Day will be available for Open classes only, competitors will have to use Master Maps and draw their own courses.  Competitors entering on the day will be using a separate start lane, which will have an SI punch start.


Course Changes will be allowed during the week on payment of a fee of $7 to cover the cost of the extra map and the additional administration required.


Course closure

Course closure will be 3 hours after the last start, and that closure time will be posted at the start.  All competitors should have reported to the Finish by then.  Control pick up will commence at that time, and all SPORTident controls will shut off.  Regardless of course closure, competitors have a maximum time allowed of three hours from their start time.  Failure to report to the finish within 3 hours could result in a search being conducted. 



All maps will be at a scale of 10:000 with 5 metre contours with the exception of the COC’s Courses 7 and 8, which will be at a scale of 1:15,000.  Maps will be provided in sealed plastic bags.  The organizers will be using laser printing, which is quite waterproof, but it is advised that competitors leave the maps in their bags.


Protests and Problems

Competitors with problems can write the detail down on a Problem Form at the finish, which will be acted on by one of the Finish officials.

Competitors who wish to file an official protest will be given a Protest Form at the finish, and directions, if necessary, on how to fill it out.  A fee of $30 will be charged, which will be refunded if the protest is upheld.


First Aid

A First Aid tent will be located close to the Finish.



As we will be using private and leased lands for the WCOC’s, Relay and COC’s, we will be charging a parking fee of $1/car/day or $4/week.  The funds raised will be donated to the Gardens Creek and Indian Gardens Ranches to help their campaign to protect the grasslands and prevent dirt bike riders from riding on their land, and will be collected when car owners pick up their Registration packages.



Medals will be awarded to the first three finishers at the WCOC’s and for the first three eligible Canadian finishers at the COC Short and the COC’s.  The first three competitors at the COC Short and the COC’s will also receive an award.  To be eligible for the Canadian Championships, competitors have to be full members of the Canadian Orienteering Federation, and Canadian citizens or persons with landed immigrant status, who have been resident in Canada for the 12 months immediately preceding the Championships.  Ribbons will be awarded to the first three finishers in the Open Classes.


WESTERN CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS, Saturday, August 16th Sunday, and 17th


Location:          Six Mile Lake

Directions:          From Kamloops travel 40kms west on Highway 1 to Savona and turn left (South) onto the Tunkwa Lake Road.  After 3km turn left (East) at Six Mile Lake Road (there is a house with a curved white and yellow tent in the garden at the corner), and proceed for 1km to the Assembly Area, a trip of about 15 minutes.  From Logan Lake and Tunkwa Lake Resort, travel north towards Savona, and just before you head steeply down into Savona, turn right onto Six Mile Lake Road (look for tent above).  From Cache Creek, travel east to Savona, and shortly after the Super Save Gas Station, turn right onto Tunkwa Lake Road and then left onto Six Mile Lake Road as above.

Terrain:  A hilly mixture of open grassland and ponderosa pine forest with many rock features.

Start:  The first start is at 9:00am both days, but the first hour will be reserved for officials.  The Day 1 Start is 1.4kms (30 minute walk) from the Assembly Area, and on Day 2 the Start is 0.3kms (5 minutes walk). Extra control descriptions will be available in the pre start area.

Toilets:  There will be portable toilets at the Assembly Area.

Control Numbers:  These will be attached to the controls horizontally.

Maps:  The area was mapped in 1990 by Ross Burnett and Mark McMillan, revised by Alan and Frances Vyse in 2003. It was digitized for OCAD in 2002 by Leigh Bailey.  Day 1 maps will be returned after the last start on Day 2, at the same time as the Day 2 maps.

Mappers’ Comments:  There are many boulders on the map and all larger ones are mapped.  There are a large number of passable and impassable cliffs, rock bands, and outcrops with the most distinct being mapped.  Both standing fences and ruined fences are on the map, but they are subject to change, and all efforts will be made to ensure that they are current.  Roads are clearly mapped but some tracks can be indistinct in August due to the vegetation.  Dirt bikers use the area from time to time, so there may be some unmarked trails.  Open areas are grasslands with easy travel, and the forested areas (white) are usually Ponderosa Pine, which also allow fast running.  There are few green areas.  Vegetation boundaries change with time, especially in areas of fast growing aspen.

The map is on private land and Crown grazing lease.  Permission from the owners is contingent upon respect for grazing cattle, fences and gates (please close behind you).

Bears, deer, moose and other forest wildlife are common, but pose little danger.  Runners should use common sense if an encounter occurs.

Whistles:  Whistles are mandatory for all competitors.

Water:   Water stations will be available on all courses over 5km.

Awards:  Will be held on Sunday at 2pm in the Assembly Area.




The National Orienteering Squad is proud to present

The Showcase

A fundraising event for our National Team


Ř      Bet on your favorite athlete.

Ř      Compare your time to our Elite athletes and top Juniors.

Ř      Get your favorite athlete to shadow you on a course and give you pointers.

A day full of excitement!


Map:          Dewdrop. Base-map Mike Ackerfeld 1990; fieldwork Ross Burnett, Mark McMillan, Alan Philip, Jan Samuelsson. Last update Brendan Matthews, Spring 2003. OCAD drawing by Brendan Matthews.

Terrain:  Mainly open grass with pockets of open forest. A lot of rock features and contours. Safety bearing: north.

Directions:  From the centre of Kamloops (Victoria Street and 3rd Avenue) take Victoria west, and cross the Overlander Bridge.  Continue north and then west on Fortune Drive, which eventually becomes Tranquille Road.  Continue along past the airport until you reach a fork in the road after about 13kms, take the right fork across the railroad tracks, Red Lake Road, which then climbs to the north.  At a signed hairpin turn, go left (west) onto the Dewdrop Range Road.   Follow the road and watch for signs to the Assembly Area.

From Savona and the East travel east on TransCanada Highway 1 to Kamloops, and exit at Columbia Street.  At the second light turn left onto Summit Drive, and follow the signs for the Overlander Bridge and North Kamloops.  Follow directions from there as above.

Fees: Your entry fee of $20 includes a 10$ betting voucher. Additional betting vouchers can be purchased at $10 each. Each voucher can be used for betting on a different athlete, or you can bet all of your money on the same athlete. Once the betting is closed, the athletes will race on this spectator friendly course (women and junior races will be on a shorter course).

Winnings:          The National Squad will keep 75% of the income generated from the betting vouchers and will give back 25% to the winning bettor. In the eventuality of more than one winner, the winnings will be shared according to the number of betting vouchers purchased (i.e. the more money you bet, the more money you could win!).

Toilets: will be available in the Assembly Area

Schedule of events:

Saturday August 16th and Sunday August 17th: additional betting vouchers for sale with a display of the featured athletes at the event centre.

Monday August 18th:

10:00          Presentation of the athletes.

10:15          Betting opens.

10:30          Betting officially closed.

10:45 Start. Athletes will start at 1-minute intervals on two short and exciting courses. Very spectator friendly, we promise!

11:15   The Show is over, public is now allowed on the courses.

12:00          Athletes will shadow those who have prearranged.

12:30          Winners announced. Prizes awarded in the finish area.

2:00          Course closure

Punching:             Electronic punching will be used (SPORTident)

Meet director:           Marie-Catherine Bruno, GVOC




THE WEST VS THE REST RELAY, Wednesday, August 20th


Location:  Six Mile Lake (East end)

Directions: Note that directions are different from WCOC, Days 1 and 2. The site is on a dirt road off a fast 4 lane section of Hwy 1. Watch for O signs and signal in plenty of time.  It is a very busy highway, so care should be taken when turning, especially when coming from the Savona direction.

From Kamloops:  Take Hwy 1/97 west at exit 362 (Cache Creek/Prince George), drive 23 km on Hwy 1, look for O signs indicating sharp left turn about 100 metres after reaching a four lane uphill section of the highway.  Site is 2km up the dirt road.

From Tunkwa Lake/Savona:  Drive north 24km to Hwy 1 in Savona. Turn right towards Kamloops for about 10km. Turn right about 2.5km past rest area (watch for O signs) on to dirt road, follow for 2km, and park on the side of the road close to the Assembly Area.

Registration:  Your Registration Package should include a Relay Team Form. If you’ve already registered a team, ignore this and pick up a Relay Package at the Event Centre.  If you want to make up a team, complete the Form and exchange it for a Relay Package either at the Event Centre or with the Relay Meet Director before 10:00 P.M. Sunday, August 17.  Lists of unmatched runners will be available at the Event Centre.  Please give us a team name; you might want to incorporate the West/Rest theme.

Terrain:  See WCOCs.

Relay Package:  contains three bibs (different from your numbers for the other events) and any additional information 

Classes, Courses and Competitions:  To be eligible for medals, teams must have points to fit into one of these Classes:

           Class A,   1 to 3 points

           Class B,   4 or 5 points.

           Class C,   6 points or more

Points are given for age and gender:

           14 year and under    2 points

           15 to 19 year           1  

           20 to 44 year           0  

           45 to 59 Year           1   

           60 year and over      2    

           All  females              1  bonus point


This will allow for all-female teams in any of the classes.


Leg 1 Course is intermediate, about 4 Km

Leg 2 Course is novice/intermediate, 2 – 3 Km

Leg 3 Course is advanced, about 6 Km

West vs. Rest pits Western Canada against the World.  Teams with all three members from Alberta, B.C., Yukon, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba are the West.  The Rest are teams without anyone from these provinces.  The top three in each of the Classes are awarded points; Gold-15, Silver-10 and Bronze-5.  And one point in each Class for the most teams fielded.

Special note to Cascadia residents:

This resurrects the Pig War.  If the Rest wins, the Pig goes to Seattle.  If the West wins, the Pig stays in Victoria.

Race Procedure: 10:00 A.M. Mass Start.  All teams run their Legs in the same numerical order.  Leg 1 runners pick up Leg-1 Maps with Course Descriptions in rolled, sealed bags; but DO NOT UNROLL until after the start.  There are forks in Leg 1 to eliminate blatant following. 

Leg 2 and Leg 3 runners pick-up maps after they have been tagged.  The tag-off area is at the right side of the Finish Chute about 20 metres BEFORE the Finish.  Tag your team-mate first, then punch the Finish Control.

A second Mass Start will be at noon for all runners yet to be tagged.  Elapsed times of each runner will be tallied, in order to provide an overall time for the team.

Individual Runners:  Subject to the availability of maps, you may run one of the relay legs without being part of a team.  Register prior to 10:00pm Sunday.  Fees will be the same as for team members. Individual runners will have a single mass start 10 minutes after the first Leg runners leave.

Control Descriptions:  Because some legs will be forked, and there may be common controls on different maps, control descriptions will only be available on the maps.

Awards: will be presented at the Assembly Area as soon as possible.  Approximately 1:00 PM.

Planner’s Notes:  The terrain is open and fast. The aim is to have a fun event so I’ve avoided placing controls in complicated areas.  Recognizing that head to head situations might develop towards the finish, I’ve adjusted some of the later legs to avoid areas of bad footing. Gaps in fences will be provided at logical points and marked on the map with a “G”. These are NOT mandatory routes so if you do choose to cross a fence elsewhere please take care of the fence – and yourself.  Legs 1 and 3 pass close to the assembly area during their run – let’s hear the noise!

Weather Warning:  There is very little shade in the assembly area so come prepared.










Location: Gardens Creek Ranch, Savona

Directions:  The same as for the Canadian Championships (not the Short Race).

Terrain:  Similar to Canadian Short and Canadian Championships.

Start:  Competitors can start at their own time between 9:00am and 3:00pm

Course:  Closes at 4:00pm

Map:  The area used will be a small portion of the competition terrain.  All other areas are out of bounds.







Location:  Gardens Creek Ranch North

Directions:  From Kamloops drive west on Highway 1 for 40 kms to Savona. Immediately past the Savona Access Road and the Super Save Gas Station, turn left onto Ballou Road, which becomes the Guichon Creek Forest Service Road, and proceed for 5 kms to parking.  From Cache Creek and the West travel east on Highway 1 to Savona, and just before the Savona Access Road and the Super Save Gas Station turn right onto Ballou Road and proceed as above.  From Logan Lake and the Tunkwa Lake Resort travel north to the intersection of the Tunkwa Lake Road and Highway 1, turn left, and immediately after the Savona Access Road, turn left and follow directions as above. The land on your immediate right is the competition area.  Please keep out – competitors can warm up on the road or on the area to the south of the road.

Terrain:  Mainly open hillside with some steep slopes.  There are areas of forest and plenty of rock features.  It is very runnable underfoot.  In the light green areas, running is only hampered by the spacing of the trees.

Planner’s Comments:  Just to clarify, the following special symbols have been used:

Green “O” = Isolated tree

Green “X” = Prominent standing dead tree

Green “dot” = Prominent small tree or bush

Unfortunately this area is used by dirt bike riders, so there are unmapped tracks here and there.  The mapper has shown the more significant ones on the map.

Start:  First start is at 9:00am, but the first hour will be reserved for officials.  From the Assembly Area to the Start is about 200m or a 2 minute walk.  There will be a CLEAR and CHECK station on route. Spare control descriptions will be available in the prestart area.

Toilets:  Toilets will be provided near the Assembly Area.

Map:  This is a new map, surveyed and drawn by Bryan Chubb, 2002/2003. Maps will be returned after the last start.

Control Numbers:  These will be attached to the control horizontally.

Safety Bearing:  South to the Major Path or Road.

Awards:  The medal ceremony will take place after the Banquet on Saturday evening.










CANADIAN ORIENTEERING CHAMPIONSHIPS, Saturday, August 23rd and Sunday, August 24th


Location:  Gardens Creek Ranch, Savona

Directions:  From Savona and the west turn right onto the Tunkwa Lake Road and travel south for 4 kms.  Turn right onto the Haywood Farmer Road and proceed 5kms to the Assembly Area.  From Kamloops and the East, turn right in Savona onto the Tunkwa Lake Road and follow directions as above. From Logan Lake and the Tunkwa Lake Resort travel north on the Tunkwa Lake Road, and turn left onto the Haywood-Farmer Road for 5kms to the Assembly Area.  The Haywood-Farmer Road is about a kilometre south of the Six Mile Lake Road turnoff, and about 21kms from the Tunkwa Lake Resort

Terrain:  As above

Planner’s Comments:  Be prepared for sunshine as the forest is very exposed with little shade.  The terrain is a bit rocky in places but generally very good with excellent runnability.  There is very little undergrowth so the orienteering will require good route choices.  Expect it to be hilly.

Controller’s Comments:  Much of the area is bunch grass (it grows in small, tight clumps, with very little between the clumps). The soil between the clumps can be very loose, particularly on the dryer hill sides.  There are scattered clumps of prickly pear cactus in this area. This is NOT the meter high, come-a-little-closer-and-we'll-become-intimately-involved competitors in Arizona may be familiar with, but a 5 cm high, come-and-introduce-me-to-your-shoe-toe type. It’s not nearly as bad as the rose bushes, which some maps are blessed with across North America. If you get one of these on the toe or back of the calf, it may feel like a wasp sting.

Competitors on Course 1 should be cautioned that the Day 2 course requires careful map reading, and some contour interpretation.

Start:  First start is 9:00am both days with the first hour being reserved for officials.  On Day 1 and Day 2, the distance to the Start is 200m.

Toilets:  Toilets will be provided near the Assembly Area.

Control Numbers:  These will be attached to the control horizontally

Safety Bearing:  Safety Bearing is South to the road from which the parking is accessed.  Only the two longer courses cross this road.

Awards:  The medal ceremony will take place in the Assembly Area as close to 2pm as possible.