Orienteering is an outdoor adventure activity involving cross-country navigation by foot over unknown terrain, using only a map and a compass. It is a physically and mentally challenging competitive sport, but can also be enjoyed as a recreational outing.

As orienteers, we share an intimate connection to the many different landscapes in which we enjoy our sport. We are grateful for our ability to pursue orienteering in all parts of the province on lands that we acknowledge are the traditional, unceded territory of many different Indigenous peoples.

Orienteering BC is committed to Safe Sport (learn more here).

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About Orienteering

Local clubs put on regular orienteering events in parks, wilderness and even urban areas. At these events, you will find several orienteering courses designed to engage anyone from the recreational enthusiast to the competitive orienteer. If you love the outdoors and enjoy map reading, you should give this exciting activity a try. No special equipment is required; event organizers will provide you with the map, and will rent (or lend) you a suitable compass for the outing. The local clubs are all members of Orienteering BC, the provincial sport body for orienteering, which is affiliated with Orienteering Canada and the International Orienteering Federation. The clubs provide quality events, training session, and programming in several centres across the province.

This website provides general information about orienteering in BC and connects you with orienteering clubs and events in your area.