Due West

News from the OBC Board of Directors, and from the Clubs

At the OBC AGM in December, a new slate of Directors was elected, as follows (new Board members are in bold font):


  • Brian Ellis (GVOC)


  • Don Haliburton (GVOC)


  • Holly Hendrigan (GVOC)


  • Kevin Matrosovs (SAGE)
  • David Bakker (SAGE)
  • Jackie Bonn (SAGE)
  • Linda Hildebrandt (VICO)
  • Chris Ling (VICO)
  • Ross Burnett (VICO)
  • Chris Bullock (KOC)
  • Jeremy Gordon) (GVOC)
  • Erica Lay (GVOC)
  • Laurent Mingo (GVOC)

Jeremy has subsequently stepped down from the OBC Board in order to concentrate on leading GVOC, where he is currently President.

In VICO, Chris McDonald is the new Membership Chair in VICO, taking over from long-time membership guru, Leigh Bailey.