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AGM Notification

Every Society registered in BC (such as The Orienteering Association of BC) is required to hold an Annual General Meeting, where the financial state and accomplishments of the organization are quickly reviewed, and an election of new Directors is held. All members of OBC are able to participate and vote, if they register for either in-person or phone-in participation. Only the truly dedicated tend to get excited about this, so to add a little fun to the exercise we are embedding the 2019AGM in an “Indoor O Games” social evening.

Check it out, and join in (it’s actually quite painless, and could even be surprisingly enjoyable!)

Annual General Meeting of the Orienteering Association of BC (OBC)

December 11, 2019

Vancouver, BC, Kitsilano Community Centre

7:15pm (on-site or call-in)

Pre-register at https://gvoc.whyjustrun.ca/events/view/4001